Thursday, March 11, 2010


Maybe I'll do some more blogging soon.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finishing My Thought

Just wanted elaborate on my last post. The other "issue" at Kroger was getting the cashier to scan your Kroger Card FIRST before any items are scanned. If you don't, your coupons will not double or triple. And that would be a BFB and totally defeat the purpose of couponing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coupon Craziness

I started clipping coupons. After 2 pay cuts and a new house payment something had to give.

I've always used coupons whenever I had them, but now I'm seeking them out. And there is money to be saved, friends!!

So, maybe you already know this. Why didn't you tell me?? I'm learning all sorts of new terms and abbreviations. It's fun! (At least it was after the first stage of being completely overwhelmed by the amount of info out there.)

I'll share my adventures with you. It's been interesting so far...

Here's a few I've encountered in my humble beginnings:

Sign up for Kohl's email list. You can get a sheet at any register. Sign up every email account you have. For each one you get $5. NO STRINGS ATTACHED. FREE MONEY. We did this and got 6 kid shirts and 1 adult shirt for less than $5. NEW CLOTHES!

I completed a phone survey for Albertson's (I found the info at the bottom of my receipt). I received a FREE reusable shopping bag. It's super-cute and functional! I only had to answer 5 automated questions.

I'm learning some things the hard way. Like, be sure you get the milk that's on sale at Kroger, not the Kroger brand. I've done this before, but always caught my mistake before leaving the store. Not yesterday. Got all the way home, looked at my receipt. Ugh. Back to the store after the kids went to bed, Customer Care was closed. Ugh. Back to the store this afternoon. Very helpful CS lady was happy to help me with my dairy problem and with another coupon issue that I learned the hard way. I'll tell you about that maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Life is Just Plain Crazy Sometimes, Especially When You Are Buying a HUD Home and Fighting With Your Lender!!

Just wanted to say that "I'm still alive!" In case you were wondering...